AROUND TOWN: Neva Carina

It starts with sewing clothes for your Barbie dolls. Then, you starting sewing and competing at your annual summer fair. Finally, you reach that age, probably around your junior year of high school, when you panic that you have to plan out your entire life and career path by high school graduation. During this torturing period of your life, you realize that the worrying and confusion can stop here because you’ve known since day one what you’ve wanted to be: a fashion designer. Kent State University Fashion School application submitted and accepted, Neva Carina takes Kent, Ohio.

Name: Neva Carina

Role: Student Designer

CollegeFashionista: When did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Neva Carina: I didn’t really have the idea to do fashion until the end of my sophomore year in high school, but I’ve always liked art and enjoyed painting so I thought I will give this area of art a try. I think I got really interested in it because the idea of putting art on the body through clothes is such a cool thing. It’s an art that is very relatable and relevant to our everyday lives.

CF: What has been your best experience so far as a design student at Kent State University’s Fashion School?

NC:  I think it was hearing teachers’ comments on my work. Really, to get their acknowledgment and feedback for something that I’ve worked so hard on made it all feel worth doing and motivated me to do even better each time.

CF: How does it make you feel that your dress made it into the biggest fashion show of the year, the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show (FS Squared)?

NC: It’s such an awesome feeling. I was incredibly happy to know that others think it’s worth to be shown. Of course, the show is for the seniors so they should be the main focus, but it is nice to be given a chance to play the supporting role.

CF: What are your three favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

NC: My caps and black beanie, black denim jeans and oversized sweater!

Learn More: Neva’s dress will be featured in the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show on April 24 and 25! Stay tuned to social media accounts for a glimpse of Neva’s livable art.