AROUND TOWN: Natasha Colvin

May 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

As summer is right around the corner (or already there for all you lucky private school students), fashion inspiration is in the air more than ever before. You have more time to put together killer ensembles and finally nail that cat-eye eyeliner. With all that free time and fun after finals, the WhatRUWearing app is the perfect place for every Fashionista to share her own look and be inspired by others.

Name: Natasha Colvin

Position: WRUWearing Brand Ambassador

CollegeFashionista: Tell us more about the WRUWearing app and program—what’s it like? 

Natasha Colvin: My favorite part about the WhatRUWearing program is working with other girls across the country who have the same interest and passion for fashion as I do. I’ve loved connecting with them on a daily basis and have been able to learn a lot from them. The app is so fun and straight-forward—it’s sort of like Instagram just for Fashionistas and fashion-lovers!

CF: What is your spring fashion must-have?

NC: My must-have spring fashion trend is anything in gingham print. It’s definitely “in” this season and is such a classic print that it’s hard to pass up. I love it on a mini dresses, shorts and even a simple tank top—it’s perfect for spring!

CF: What inspires you the most when styling yourself or others?

NC: I draw my daily style inspo mostly from social media—Instagram, bloggers and sites like Refinery29 or WhoWhatWear. I am constantly reloading the pages of these sites and Instagram feeds to gain inspiration from their daily looks. Oh, and of course the WhatRUWearing app!

CF: Describe your go-to outfit.

NC: I love to layer, and am all about the accessories to make a look my own. I think my go-to outfit would be simple shorts or jeans and a top. Then I always layer a statement jacket, hat, bag, shoes or necklace to individualize the outfit.

CF: Do you plan on incorporating fashion into your future plans?

NC: I definitely plan to work in fashion after graduation—I love to write, and I intend to major in journalism (fingers crossed!). So, my dream would be to work for a high-end fashion magazine or website one day.

Learn More: Get a sneak peek inside Natasha’s closet, and start sharing your own style by downloading the WRUWearing app from the app store here.