AROUND TOWN: Megan Melice

April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

It is widely mistaken that the world of fashion has little job opportunities. Students like Megan Melice are a prime example of this. To be in the fashion industry, you do not have to just be a designer, and in being a merchandiser you do not just have to be a buyer. This Fashionista has her eye on an exciting side of the industry and has learned from her work experience.

Name: Megan Melice

Role: Fashion Merchandising Student

CF: What are you planning to do with your Merchandising degree?

Megan Melice: I really like the idea of being a professional stylist.

CF: What inspired that idea for you?

MM: Watching Pretty Little Liars; each character looked so good but they each had their own personal and distinct style. I like the idea of giving each character their style to make them come more to life.

CF: Do you think personal style is important? Why?

MM: Yes, because whatever look catches your eye and you want to translate is a way of how you are expressing yourself, and you want to be yourself in your clothing.

CF: Who or what inspires your style?

MM: Mainly just people watching and seeing what looks I like together. I like to see what pieces come into Banana Republic, where I work, and mix and match them. I am not really sure though; I do not like to restrict my style so I guess I would say anything really does.

CF: What do you like about Banana Republic’s style?

MM: Well, right now they are really rebranding their line because it used to be pointed at an older target demographic, but they are making that target a younger market so they are combining their simple, classic pieces with pops of crazy pieces that can be combined. Their simple pieces are timeless and can be put with anything.

Learn More: Megan Melice is just getting started with working toward her dreams and aspirations as a freshman merchandising major at Kent State University. Her passion for styling and helping pieces come alive together as a full stylish ensemble will one day be applied in the latest blockbuster or TV series for sure!