AROUND TOWN: Maddie Eckel

In The Devils Wear Prada, the editor in chief Miranda is a woman who pursues pure perfection. She is the most awed character in the fashion world. Some say that this character originates from Anna Wintour, the current editor in chief of Vogue magazine. For many people, Miranda is the stereotype of what an editor looks like. The editor in chief of Her Campus at UW, a website that focuses on college girls’ life and style, changed my impression of an editor. She met up with me on a sunny spring afternoon and shared her story of being an editor.

Name: Maddie Eckel

Role: Editor in Chief, Her Campus at UW

CollegeFashionista: What is your story of becoming the editor in chief?

Maddie Eckel: I noticed Her Campus at the student organization fair in my freshman year which was the first semester I was just a contributing writer. During the second semester, I was on part of the executive board for social media. After that, I became the style section’s editor. The category of this section is fashion and beauty. During the fourth semester, I was elected to this position since the former editor in chief stepped down.

CF: As an editor in chief, how do you define your daily style?

ME: I don’t have a specific style, but my mom uses the words “vintage urban” to describe it. I’m especially obsessed with bold clothing ideas and floral pattern. Whenever I go home, I go to this antique mall with friends and look for those timeless pieces. They are the pieces that have a vintage style but also match with my other clothes. Also, I buy clothes that fit any season so I can wear them any time I want.

CF: I noticed that on the style section there are many articles about recommended items. What single piece do you recommend for this winter and spring transition period?

ME: I recommend this cream leather jacket I have in my closet. The color is basically cream white so it’s close to spring. The texture is leather so it keeps you warm in the wind when walking. I love the idea of combining a winter clothes texture with spring colors.

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