AROUND TOWN: Jaanai Jones

There is always that one designer who stands out. At The Fashion School, Jaanai Jones is definitely that designer. With an eye for detail and an immense amount of dedication and talent, it is no surprise Jaanai’s designs are so inspiring and amazing. His love of shoes, simplicity and practicality makes him an individual and one to keep your eyes on in the future of fashion.

Name: Jaanai Jones

Role: Fashion Design Student

CollegeFashionista: What made you want to become a designer?

Jaanai Jones: I was ultimately inspired by footwear and the overall construction of clothing. I became interested at a very young age, picking out my outfits and asking my mom about women’s clothing. Even though I’m a guy, I thought it was so interesting and I wanted to know how things were made.

CF: What are some of your favorite classes you have taken at The Fashion School?

JJ: I took Fashion Tech Applications and Fashion Fabrics my freshman year and loved both of them. I also really enjoyed taking Flat Pattern, which teaches construction for various complex garments. I find that learning about fabrics is so important in order to make the perfect garment.

CF: What is your biggest inspiration when designing garments and what are you favorite pieces to design?

JJ: I find a lot of inspiration from the architecture of buildings. I love every aspect of footwear—the colors, the sole and the minimalism of some design. I like simplicity better than things that pop out because they can still bring attention to the complete look. I’ve designed a few capes and a little black dress. I love that they’re so versatile.

CF: What and where would your dream job be once you graduate?

JJ: My absolute dream job would be designing womenswear for Céline in Paris. I really like how they portray the everyday woman as practical.

Learn More: Jaanai just completed his collection for Rock The Runway. He does freelance design work when he isn’t working on his drawing and portrait portfolios. Follow his Instagram and Pinterest to get a taste of his work.