AROUND TOWN: Frisk Accessories For Guys And Girls

As we travel down the road of life; full of twists and turns, along the way we interact with others and become a part of their story, we collect trinkets and memories that we carry with us as we go our own way. At Frisk Accessories For Guys and Girls, they take you on a journey with one-of-a-kind vintage accessories that will last a lifetime. This boutique takes you back in time (but with modern flair), Donna, Jessica, and Amanda Rubino, took their love and deep rooted passion for vintage and followed their dreams to created this one of a kind boutique in the heart of Boulder.

Name: Amanda Rubino

Role: Co-Owner of Frisk Accessories

CollegeFashionista: Tell me how Frisk came to be?

Amanda Rubino: Growing up my mom always had this love for vintage and when she took over stock of some vintage pieces, her, my sister and I decided to revamp them and make them into everyday wearable pieces for the modern girl while still holding onto that vintage essence. We began with chunky necklaces, charm earrings and layered chains. We’ve been building our brand for 10 years and it was our dream to come and open a boutique in our hometown, Boulder. We make all of the jewelry by hand and it is all 100% vintage and each piece is unique, which I think is part of the reason girls love our pieces.

CF: What makes Frisk so special?

AR: We are one-of-a-kind; we bring something different to Boulder. Here we enjoy educating our clients on vintage and in this mass production culture our products are rare and each one has a special story that although you may not know the story you become part of the it when you purchase an item. Everything in our store is handmade, quality pieces that will last a lifetime. These timeless keepsakes are things you can pass on to your children and they can become part of the story, which is very special.

CF: What is your favorite thing about Frisk?

AR: I love that I get to work with my mom and my sister, being a family business. I also, love meeting different clients and seeing people on the street wearing our pieces, it is awesome to be in magazines and a huge honor, but I love seeing how girls interpret and style the pieces with their own unique style.

CF: What is your personal favorite piece?

AR: Our chunky necklaces. They were the first pieces we did and that started this entire journey. I have a more, grungy glam style so I like more glam pieces that make a statement.

Learn More: Pop in and take a look at some of these one of a kind vintage pieces, visit Frisk at 1144 13th street or check them out online at their website.