AROUND TOWN: F4mily Matters

Every Fashionista/o has a unique style and at first glance, you’re judged by your appearance. The best and most important part about fashion is you have the opportunity to interpret yourself through different styles and trends. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner of F4mily Matters in Charlotte, NC. He created a brand and fashion line that depicts the importance and value of family and loyalty, all while offering bold graphics mixed with simple, functional apparel such as hats and T-shirts. In his own words: “F4mily Matters, a family business building an empire. We are nothing less than a brand but more than just a clothing line. F4mily is the [number one] motivation for the hustle. With that said, loyalty is the stepping stool that sets us on the top shelf.”

Name: Samir Hamid

Role: Store and Brand Owner

CollegeFashionista: How do you balance both a flagship and e-store?

Samir Hamid: It’s tough, although the people around me help me out. The e-store is a matter of staying on top of the job. Making sure all task are done and prioritizing. Holding up my end of the bargain is a must.

CF: What is the message you want to get across through your brand and do you think people are receptive?

SH: I definitely think people are receptive to what we are trying to get across. F4mily Matters is deeper than clothes. The name itself is a statement more than a brand name. I want to be able to show my life and the life of my family through these clothes. Express and show everything I have and want to experience. My focus is the youth; I want to show them that anything is possible if you work for it.

CF: How do you assure your brand stays relevant and with the times?

 SH: I’m blessed because a lot of brands have to worry about that. Youth is relevant, we are the future. I just have to do us and translate it to something everyone can relate to. I don’t have to decide what is relevant in a world where we define what’s relevant. Its transparent. We are the times and we just have to capitalize on that.

 CF: What has been your favorite part since birthing F4mily Matters?

SH: The growth. It’s a good feeling seeing what you can do. A lot of people know what they can do, but actually seeing what you can do is a different thing. Everyday is my favorite part, this is my baby i’m nurturing it and watching it grow everyday.

 CF: Why should people buy F4mily Matters?

SH: People should buy F4mily Matters because its dope. I want anyone to be able and want to wear it. People shouldn’t just look at the brand they should look and appreciate the substance. It’s real and transparent. We are deeper than a trend. We aren’t trying to be anything we are not.

Learn More: Head over to F4mily Matters online store and Instagram for updates on the cultivating brand and check out their latest collection!