AROUND TOWN: evolve Clothing Gallery

Do you strive to be different? Unique? One of a kind? Do you love when you have pieces that can’t be bought anywhere else? If this is you, then you should find your way to evolve Clothing Gallery. Pick up your exclusives now because evolve is soon going to be “that” store.

Name: RanD Pitts

Role: Owner, evolve Clothing Gallery

CollegeFashionista: Give us a background of evolve. 

RanD Pitts: Evolve was a paging company with beepers back in 1992, but technology took it away, and we had to “evolve.” Bigger technology companies squashed the little guy so we started getting into fashion. I was always into music and art. The street scene was taking off because of hip-hop and brands like Ecko. I wanted a lifestyle mixture. We started when brands like LRG and Crooks & Castle were only in boutiques. I want to become very exclusive in New Jersey. I just wanted to be a go-to and cool place.

CF: What is your inspiration, and what keeps you motivated?

RP: “If you work at something that you are very passionate about, you will never work a day in your life.” Fashion is always changing. I really like defining the line. What keeps me going is the passion about what we are doing here—wanting to be “that” store.

CF: How do you explain your style?

RP: At my age, I never put myself in a box. We don’t want to be for everyone. You want to be distinct and not the everyday person. Being out of the box is my style.

CF: What are upcoming events at the store?

RP: We love hosting events. Events have to be artistically driven like spoken word and dance. We are open for anyone that is any type of artist. We loving hosting. Evolve actually coined this term, “We are contemporary-lifestyle.”

CF: Do you have advice for people who want to start their own business in the fashion industry?

RP: Chase your dream; don’t let anyone stop you. Go after it very aggressively, and stay focused.

Learn More: Check out evolve Clothing Gallery at 80 W. Main St., Somerville, NJ 08876. There’s going to be big things happening at evolve, so watch out for their upcoming events and follow them on Instagram at @evolveclothing.