AROUND TOWN: Elsewhere Clothing

Our embrace for fashion is always peaked at one point or another in our lives. From the affinity for watching runway collections and being in awe of the striking silhouette frames, even to the occasional window shopping and checking out new releases at your local malls. Now just imagine making your appreciation for fashion into a reality, creating your own clothes and doing truly what it is that you love. With marketing knowledge, a keen eye for fashion and dope style, Julian Moran, a seventh semester undergrad at the University of Connecticut presents his line, Elsewhere Clothing, a contemporary streetwear brand that is ahead of its time.

Name: Julian Moran

Role: Student Designer

CollegeFashionista: What’s the meaning behind the moniker Elsewhere?  

Julian Moran: I guess in other senses it stands for thinking differently, living differently, whatever you want to do; but I really leave it open to interpretation to whatever it means to people. It can be something as complex as those descriptions, or it could be something as simple as you know, I never really liked what I saw in stores so I figured literally to go elsewhere, you gotta find something else.

CF: What fashion inspiration do you take in creating your clothes?

JM: To be honest, I get inspiration from almost anything. At first it was just you see something you like, a certain piece or something. I really like juxtaposing different things and re-appropriating fabrics and types of jackets—just like rebellious takes on different things. So instead of using a traditional fabric or a traditional medium or something, I just really like to flip everything on its head and stay within the bounds of normal cuts and silhouettes or whatever with minor adjustments. But for the most part, just putting new colors on things, [and] changing things up.

CF: What’s next for Elsewhere Clothing? 

JM: Next, I mean we’re going to try to get into stores now, [and] mostly sell through retailers across the country. Really looking at expanding the brand but at the same time doing so through streamlining it. So it’s kind of like a oxymoron or I guess it’s kind of ironic in the sense that we’re making it smaller to make it bigger, but really trying to make it less pieces but making sure that all those pieces really speak to what I’m trying to do in each collection. So we’re looking at making very ’90s-inspired, very little kid nostalgic stuff you feel comfortable in. Stuff that you feel safe in for lack of a better word, but at the same time has this kind of edge to it that you know a skater kid could wear, someone in the street could wear and someone at the house can wear it. And it would all be made in the U.S.A. so that’s always cool.

Learn More: Head over to Elsewhere Clothing today to check out more items for purchase. Follow them on their Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram for all the details on upcoming releases.