With the constant rise of social media, we have entered an era where personal branding can separate one from a group. Instagram has opened new doors for anyone who wants to show off their talent and this Fashionisto is using his for fashion advice and to showcase his line of fitted caps!

Name: Daniel Spellman

Role: Aspiring Celebrity Stylist

CollegeFashionisto: What made you decide to start your own hat company?

Daniel Spellman: I started my own hat by drawing inspiration from my mom. Her name is Pam and she died when I was seven years old. I began talking to a business man in Greenville. I explained to him what I wanted to do with my career and he told me the best thing I could do at this young age is create something tangible that people could purchase to support my brand rather than just word of mouth.

CF: What makes you stand out from your peers?

DS: Well, I feel as though I’m an outgoing and approachable person. I definitely believe I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to trends because I’m not afraid to take the risk. It’s been trends that I’ve tried and everyone hated but weeks later they began to try them, I came to the conclusion that some are scared to start the trend. In fashion I’ve always been that brave person to try what comes down the runway. Yeah, sometimes I am scared but I do it because that’s fashion.

CF: Where do you want your line to go in the future?

DS: I plan to have a second release with three new color waves to choose from and this will be in April. I also plan to have a summer release. However, for the wintertime, I plan to branch off into apparel and do something with raincoats and parkas but that’s just a thought.

CF: What made you decide to dedicate a Instagram page solely to fashion styling?

DS: A quote stood out to me one time and it was “separate business and pleasure.” I began looking at a lot of interviews, mainly for celebrities and I realized there is a big market now to brand yourself from social media solely. People have been building themselves from the ground up from strictly social media, so to not interfere with my Instagram and posting pictures of my friends and myself, I decided to create a page where I could express my vision.

Learn More: Daniel will be graduating in the fall, to get your hands on one of his hats visit his website, and for style advice check out his Instagram page.