“Fashion changes, but style endures,” and Coco Chanel couldn’t have said it better. As the era of “fast fashion” is upon us it can often be hard to find clothing that is well made and constructed to fit perfectly. However, at local Menswear boutique Context, their main focus is exactly that.

Name: Ryan Huber

Role: Owner

CollegeFashionista: How did Context develop itself as a brand and as a store?

Ryan Huber: We started in 2005 really focusing on premium, heritage denim, also known as raw denim which means the jeans don’t go through a washing process. All of the denim is made like they used to be when they were intended for workman who were out in the mines or doing other extremely physical work. It was important for us to provide quality, well fitted clothing that people were able to look and feel good wearing.

CF: What do you see as Context’s biggest strength?

RH: All of our brands are not only domestic, but many are produced in Wisconsin as well. It is important for us to keep it that way, so I often work closely with the product development teams for some of the brands so we are able to create something special for Context. Also, offering an array of sizes and styles allows us to have something for everyone who comes in.

CF: What makes Context unique?

RH: I would have to say the fact that we try and keep things local while crafting garments the old fashion way so they truly last longer than a lot of stuff you would typically buy. For instance, all of our shoes are made out of premium leather or another material and able to be resoled; so if the bottom wears out you don’t have to go buy a whole new pair of shoes. I have people stop me when I’m out around town and they’ll stop me to point out that they’re still able to wear shoes they purchased years ago and they still look just as new as the day they bought them. 

CF: In your opinion, what are the “must haves” of Menswear?

RH: A good, well fitted pair of denim and a leather belt are key because that’s what guys will be wearing a lot. I’d also say a plain toed, welted leather shoe is essential. Throw on a white woven oxford and a chambray button-up and you’re good to go.

CF: Out of everything, what is your most favorite piece in the store?

RH: My favorite piece would probably have to be the Roy boot.  It is actually a boot named after my dad, but it’s a workman’s style boot . Very simple and basic but offers a bit more of a dressy look.

Learn More: To snag yourself a classic pair of well made, heritage denim along with a few other classics, head on over to Context, located at 113 King Street in Madison or check out their online selection at their website.