AROUND TOWN: Buffalo Exchange

Being able to walk into a store and instantly find a handful of gems to stock your closet with isn’t always easy. In Seattle there are lots of high-end stores and lots of genuine thrift stores, but unfortunately neither is friendly to a college student’s budget. Buffalo Exchange is the best of both worlds. I never leave empty handed from Buffalo Exchange, and I love the variety of both vintage and high-end items I find. Even better, I feel good buying secondhand pieces since I get to reuse items that are already out there.

Name: Kaity

Role: Sales Associate, Buffalo Exchange

College Fashionsita: What is your favorite part about working for Buffalo Exchange?

Kaity: Seeing all the different clothes that people bring in. It’s so cool to se the unique sense of style that people have. I’m especially interested by the stories that lie behind what people wear, especially with vintage items.

CF: Do you have an interest in fashion? 

K: I actually majored in fashion marketing and management. I pursued that degree because of how people use fashion as expression. I’m interested in learning what makes someone choose what they are wearing that day.

CF: What are some items that you think are currently trending?

K: I think some items that are trending especially in Seattle are the athletic style of simple tennis shoes paired with athletic wear and and of course the continuation of Seattle ’90s grunge with the signature babydoll dresses and classic ’90s items.

CF: What brands are your favorite? 

K: Top Shop, BB Dakota and J.Crew.

CF: What sets Buffalo Exchange apart? 

K: The first time I visited a Buffalo Exchange was in Las Vegas. The clothes in that store were totally representative of the city with lots of great going out dresses. The contents of various Buffalo Exchange stores are reflective of the personal style of the surrounding area since the clothes in-store are items from the closets of locals. The spirit of the customer is really reflected in each store. Since Seattle is a Nordstrom corporate location, lots of Nordstrom items are in store. There is even a difference between the Ballard and U-District neighborhoods. Ballard carries more casual items including lululemon gear since yoga is a huge part of women’s daily lives. What you see in each Buffalo Exchange stores is reflective of people’s lifestyle.

Learn More: Visit Buffalo Exchange’s website to learn more about who they are and where you can visit a store.