I don’t know about you, but when I see hoop earrings I immediately hear Gretchen Wiener’s voice in my head. “Two years ago she told me hoops earrings were *her* thing and I wasn’t allowed to wear them anymore. And then for Hanukkah my parents got this pair of really expensive white gold hoops and I had to pretend like I didn’t even like them and… it was so sad.”

No worries though, this Fashionista accessorized her sleek all-black outfit with an oversized denim jacket and gold hoops. The Fashionista told me she bought her jacket for a whopping 99 cents at her local Salvation Army—what a steal! Her hoops might not be white gold hoops, but her large gold hoops create a cool edgy vibe to her simple outfit. The size of her jacket with the large hoops creates an ’80s vibe to this Fashionista’s look. This Fashionista also accessorizes her look with a vintage coach black leather messenger bag. The size of the bag is perfect for running errands on Main Street or for keeping your phone safe for when you’re going out with your girls. The days of putting the key to your dorm on hair tie are over ladies—R.I.P. to the two keys that I lost last year.

Lastly, this Fashionista has on an all-black outfit, which consists of distressed black skinny jeans and a black crop top. The simplicity of the all-black makes the oversized denim jacket pop. Whether it’s hoops or a friendship bracelet that your friend made for you, always put on one more accessory before you leave the house. Sorry Chanel.