Fashion creative masterminds carefully craft trends that cycle in and out of style. The zipper trend has held a constant presence in high fashion runway shows and appears on mannequins in storefront windows all over the country. Whether they provide subtle detail or dominate the look, their presence is sure to bring an edge to any style. This Fashionista took a simple look and spiced it up with trendy zippered pockets.

Walking by this Fashionista, I caught a glimpse of a shimmer on her pants. The enticing reflection from the sun made me want to explore her look further. The zippers keep the look on-trend with the styles seen in stores such as Forever 21 and Zara. The zipper presence in each collection proves that the style first introduced in the late ’60s is here to stay.

Her combination of flowy heather gray long sleeve and edgy black skinny pants keep the look basic for in class comfort, and allow for accessory variation. This Fashionista could easily throw on a colored loops scarf to introduce new shades and textures into the look. Or she could grab her favorite beanie, which adds diversity to the style while keeping her warm. The simple pants allow for flexibility in her choice of shoes. Her Tommy Hilfiger booties are the perfect addition to tackle the winter snow.

How To: This look can be easily assembled using three simple tips. First, make sure to find a solid color top that provides comfort texture. Surf the web and check out brands such as AG or Topshop for their limited addition collection. Usually in that section, they introduce styles that are a bit off the beaten track featuring zippers and unique patterns. Finally, find a staple boot that complements the edgy quality of the zippers.