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ALL IN THE DETAILS: You're Knot Doing it Right

If you have seen me around campus or met me in the past six years, you know my go-to hair style has been a half up man bun. One of the latest fads to hit college campus is the messy (wo)man bun. I started noticing how outfits are having more knots too. If you do not remember tying up your shirt to be like Brittney Spears in fifth grade, you’re “knot” doing it right. Just kidding you probably are, but take a look around campus and you’ll see that it’s now a fashion statement. Knots are everywhere! I’m obsessed especially because it has hit the shoes scene too.

This Fashionista is perfectly combining her lace-up gladiator shoes with her pre-knotted shirt. Her shoes are the most amazing color to carry her into fall. The gold mixed with the black checkers strap makes it not so summery, and lets face it, we are all ready for the fall season. She could wear these shoes any where and still look dressed, which for most students is a struggle. The loose pre-knotted shirt is a perfect match for her extra long cardigan. She could even tie up her cardigan for one more knot! A little much? This ensemble is perfect for all kind of weather or occasion.

How To: Is your half-up man bun not enough for you? Knot your cardigan or shirt to change your outfit around! Make it loose so it won’t distract from your perfectly knotted lace-up gladiator sandals.