ALL IN THE DETAILS: You Can Call Her Queen B

May 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Even four years later, Gossip Girl remains one of my favorite shows and Blair Waldorf my favorite character. I lived to watch the drama of the Upper East Side unfold and admired Blair’s transformation into a strong, independent and confident businesswoman. I loved the fashion featured in the show through the various outfits the characters wore. Does anyone else remember Chuck Bass’ red sweatpants jumpsuit? Truly iconic.

I personally thought Blair had the best style of all the female characters. She excelled at accessorizing; My favorite outfits of hers are those where she incorporates different prints, layers necklaces and of course, wears a headband, which is her signature piece.

A fellow Gossip Girl fan, this Rutgers Fashionista channels her inner Blair Waldorf. The Fashionista wears a black maxi dress made from knit fabrics. It is definitely feeling a lot more like summer, and this dress will keep her cool and comfortable during warm days. Her accessories include a gold pendant necklace and her silk orange scarf. The design of the necklace is simpler but long, lying across the entire top half of her dress. The patterns of her scarf, plaid and drawings of a rope, are also understated. The subtleties of the accessories do well to complement each other, especially since they are of the same warm color undertones. Like Blair did in her summer wardrobe, this Fashionista turns her scarf into a cute headband. This is another way of ensuring that the accessories don’t overshadow each other. It’s also a way to experiment with your clothes; winter scarves are usually thicker material, but see if you have one you can turn into a scarf. You’ll be surprised as to what you find.

Keeping with the summer theme, the Fashionista keeps her makeup light and natural with foundation, mascara, small winged eyeliner and lipstick. A personal recommendation of mine is to buy foundation that has SPF! That way, you don’t need to worry about putting on sunscreen beforehand, and you’ll be protected.

How To: Silk scarves are easier to wrap into headbands. Check out your local thrift shop for some good deals like this Fashionista did! And remember, “Tights are not pants!”