It’s rare that recognition is awarded to the Fashionista that rocks her accessories. As Style Gurus, we tend to focus on the bigger aspects of an outfit like an awesome jacket or new pair of kicks, but it’s the little details that can make or break a look.

Accessories can be a hit or miss. With clashing of patterns or the inclusion of too many pieces, most tend to stray away from accessorizing. This Fashionista on the other hand, takes accessories to the next level. With bangles on one hand, a cuff on the other, rings and a pendant necklace, she’s no stranger to stacking on the jewelry. What makes this outfit pop is the cohesiveness of each piece. The bases are wrapped in delicate gold wiring and each stone plays off of neutral and earthy tones, a look that is quite obviously boho-chic. To top it off she adds a fringed cross-body bag that focuses on the colors of fall. Want to know what’s even more RAD about this look? Each piece of jewelry is handmade by this Fashionista, from her Etsy shop Safe Haven Jewels, talk about personalization.

Whether it’s a set of arm candy or a statement necklace, jewelry can work wonders on the most simplistic outfits. Give it a try and let the bangle stacking begin.

How To: Looking to add some stones to your wardrobe? Start simple with a necklace, a thin gold chain and a neutral pendant is guaranteed to match with almost anything. If you’re feeling adventurous add a few bangles for some extra flair.