For those of us attending universities in colder climates, the winter blues seem inevitable. Snow days have delayed school, we seem to have forgotten what the warmth feels like, and we find ourselves running out of things to watch on Netflix. Some of us become uninspired in the style department and instead begun reaching for our favorite sweatpants and the UGGs we hate to admit we love. This Fashionista didn’t let the snow or cold temperatures stop her from rocking a fabulous outfit on campus, proudly showcasing her favorite accessories.

I plan my outfits according to accessories—do I want to match my coat to my headband or should my outfit remain simple so my bag can grab all the attention? Or what about those funky earrings I purchased last month and swore I would have worn by now. So for me, details are the best part of any outfit!

This Fashionista started with a braided updo, perfect for styling yesterday’s hair. She achieved this look by combining two braids with the use of weaving them into a bandana and then wrapping them up around her head. Not only did the style look effortless and subtle but it tied in perfectly with the colors of her top.

We all lose things, especially small jewelry, so when this Fashionista told me she happened just to mix and match two separate sets of earrings because the other had gone missing, I thought it was a genius idea. We’ve seen this idea become a trend in the past, selling a stud to match a dangle.

Her belt serves as the perfect styling tool to create the look of a tucked in top and an effortless flow between her bow-sleeved top and simple navy blue skirt. The only blues this fFashionista is feeling this winter is the vibrant blues, by completing her look with the perfect coat and a contrasting cord backpack.

A smile might be the best accessory, but the details serve the best look.