April 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

There’s nothing like a well-put-together color scheme with complementing colors and styles, especially when it involves a very classy look being paired with a statement accessory. When you’re talking very classic, professional outfits, it can be quite difficult to find a way to show off your style’s personality. That’s where statement accessories come in; that one piece, however small, offers insight into your more daring fashion choices.

This Fashionista combines classic gold jewelry with a denim-colored blue dress and bright lipstick. It’s a very reserved, professional look that works for class, internships, co-ops and even interviews. But she combines that classiness with a simple statement accessory—her leopard print flats. This statement accessory lends life and color to the rest of the outfit, and gives the Fashionista more of a distinct, daring style profile. Using shoes as her statement accessory was a perfect choice, too, because it allows her to wear simple, classic jewelry that complements her golden hair and blue dress.

She completes the look with polished, natural makeup and a bright lip color that pops.

How To: If you want to add pizzazz to a classic look, try adding a statement accessory to your outfit. It can be anything from a dramatic necklace to patterned shoes to a colorful blazer rather than a neutral one. If you’re looking to spice up a very professional look and give it just one ounce of oomph without taking it over the top, it’s best to stick to just one statement accessory and let it speak for itself.