ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wicker for Wear

It’s that time again Fashionistas! The sundresses are coming out, the sandals are making their first appearances out of the snow; it’s spring, Fashionistas and Fashionistos. With the weather (finally) warming up, a new wave of trends are coming through, giving us so many new options to play with for the spring.

This Fashionista is taking advantage of the warmer temperatures while keeping in mind the possibility the volatility of the changing seasons. She breaks out a trendy chambray dress with a laced up neckline that is perfect for the mild weather. The light denim material is great for running around during the day but maintains an easy transition to night with the girls or dinner with the family. The long sleeve keeps the chills at bay while keeping her cool if there’s a heat wave. The ruching at the cuff of the sleeve adds a feminine detail and a little shape to the look. A dress with a lace-up neckline adds just the right amount of detail so there’s no need for an extra necklace or jewelry, which could possibly overwhelm the look.

Tan wicker wedges polish off the look, adding a contrast of color while keeping the overall outfit light and versatile. The small braided details in the wedges complement the simplicity of the denim dress, adding another layer of style. Because the overall outfit is simple, adding statement pieces like a wicker wedge is the perfect way to spice it up. Adding any kind of heel can add a level of formality to a more casual outfit. Since wedges are easier to walk in than pumps, this Fashionista goes with a platform, taking advantage of the comfort a wedge can offer.

Between the versatility and intricate details, this Fashionista does it right with these wedges. The details of the dress add a perfect amount of subtle femininity to what could have been a plain dress. The wedges added another beautiful braided detail to the look, making any admirer look twice. This look ended up being a great example of how slight subtleties can make all the difference.

How To: The trick for mastering your looks for the spring is to keep it simple and have outfits that are easy to throw on at a moments notice. Slide into a light airy dress like this Fashionista did—something that makes you feel comfortable and looks effortless. No jewelry or extra accessories needed! Finishing off the outfit with a pair of easy to walk in wedges or sandals is the perfect way to maintain that ready for spring look that we all have been looking forward to all winter.