ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wicked Patterns

December brings us two beautiful things: finals and freezing weather. Our priorities are now warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, being comfortable means looking like an unstylish mess for a lot of us. This struggle is easily avoided by buying unique and interesting clothing that is still comfy. The key is to wear bold, casual pieces like this Fashionisto.

Find clothing that matches your personality and attracts attention. This Fashionisto will turn so many heads walking down the street because of his hip attitude. If you find yourself wearing boring sweatpants and typical hoodies to class, try something new. The vibrant patterned pants and graphic sweatshirt on this Fashionisto are irreplaceable. The relaxed and trendy aspects of the outfit really showcase his personality. He has a cool, geometric look, but is still the comfiest kid in class.

Rocking five completely different patterns is a challenge for most people. Even though these patterns seem random, they work together with a purple, green and black theme. With black being the base, the bright colors are accented and highlight each other. To avoid being overwhelmed with patterns, split them up somewhere in the middle. When there is basic space, patterns can be accented around it. Don’t be afraid to try crazy prints together. Funky patterns should be an exciting part of your wardrobe, so don’t let them limit you!

How To: Simply find comfortable pieces like neutral joggers or a bold sweatshirt. If you’re feeling extra crazy, incorporate patterns into your shoes and coat. This is an easy way to change up your outfit and showcase your style!