One bright and sunny day, I was ambling through the park and all of a sudden a young lady whizzed by me on a scooter. It was in that moment I knew; this was the girl I had been looking for all month. Being the speed demon that she was, she had already zoomed away too far for my tiny legs to catch up. I shouted, “Chris Lee 36!” She made a sharp U-turn then drifted to a halt next to me with an inquisitive glint in her eye. Only when she was a foot away from me could I truly see the details of her outfit.

Looking down, I saw a pair red and gray Nike Benassi JDI Slides, similar to the ones that I use while taking dormitory showers. When asked what makes them so great, she said “The soles are so fluffy it’s like walking on pillows, you feel me?” I completely understood what she was talking about from prior experience and excitedly nodded my head in approval. She explained that these were her shoes of choice when riding her scooter, and that they were ideal for showing off her freshly groomed toenails. These shoes are so versatile; perfect for short walks to the deli, long walks to school and romantic walks on the beach. Nikes really can just do it all.

After grilling her for the nitty-gritty details of her outfit, I finally asked her about her jersey. In a flummoxing turn of events, she explained that it did not even belong to her! She had stolen it from her brother and was masquerading around New York City as an amateur basketball player. The only reason she wore it was because her other clothes were in the laundry and it was the first thing she saw. I was astounded that a person could seemingly put together an outfit at random and still appear so composed. This sleeveless piece is perfect for keeping your shoulders cool in the brutal summer months.

How To: Have you ever wanted a sports jersey with someone else’s name on it instead of a famous athlete’s? All you need is a plain white tank top, some markers and a positive attitude and you’ll feel like you belong in the NBA in no time! If you want a pair of slides like these, I suggest going to your local footwear store and trying on every pair until you find one that is just right.