With summer right around the corner, every Fashionista and Fashionisto out there is looking for a signature piece that will come in handy throughout the scorching months. Whether it’s the perfect aviator sunglasses or a lace dress, the piece will have to last from boisterous barbecues and outdoor weddings to a small get-together with friends. However, that signature piece doesn’t have to be a new or expensive. It can be a cotton sundress from two summers ago or a piece you just unearthed from the depths of your closet; it can be an oldie but goodie! While the traditional sundress is the go-to for any summer look, detailing on cut-off shorts or a blouse definitely make a piece one-of-a-kind. The beauty of eye-catching details is that they can absolutely make an outfit when employed in the right way.

As underclassmen leave campus this week and the senior class anxiously awaits graduation, there is a bittersweet buzz in the air at Fordham. While I was hanging out in the campus’ memorial garden the other day, I spotted his Fashionista walk by with an extra spring to her step (literally!).Since white has already been declared the color of the summer season, she found a way to incorporate the color into her shoes and the embroidery in her dress without appearing “matchy-matchy.” The detailing on the dress is absolutely beautiful; it creates a look that can be casual, but one that can also be dressed up with a light cardigan and delicate shoes. The wedges are the perfect way to give this Fashionista an extra boost in the days leading up to graduation and the classic pair of dark shades pull this summer look together.

How To: Lace is a common detail found on cut-off shorts and adds a feminine touch to denim. Pair shorts like these with a chambray shirt for an edgy, denim-on-denim look. Usually, dresses with fantastic detailing are easier to find. Pair your favorite dress with a pair lace-up sandals if you’re going for a more casual look. Headed to a special event? Follow this Fashionista’s lead and wear wedges or other summer-friendly kicks to spruce things up!