ALL IN THE DETAILS: Where Art Thou Cameo

Most of the details of this Fashionista’s outfit aren’t pictured. The suitcase that appears packed and ready to travel to wherever the railroad takes her was rescued from a dilapidated house in Harris County, Georgia. The cameo bracelet, which looks straight out of Queen Victoria’s collection herself, was thrifted from a local store. The bronze mid-heels are an ode to her mother, who owned the shoes prior.

To say the least, this Fashionista’s style is best described as “vintage.” However, she likes to put a modern twist on all her vintage pieces to create balance. Whenever you have a statement piece, such as this cameo bracelet, it is best to keep your outfit more simple so it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the piece.

This Fashionista is wearing simple colors and patterns in her pants and shirt, so when the bracelet is displayed next to them, it stands out. The polka-dots in her pants have enough detail for the eye not to get bored, but not too bold for the eye to take away its focus from the star of the show.

How To: If you have a statement piece of jewelry but don’t know how to wear it without being showy, stick to a basic shirt and pant combo or dress. Don’t be flashy in another aspect of your outfit. After all, we want to put the spotlight on this piece because it deserves it! A statement piece is a form of art and the rest of your outfit is it’s frame. If your art has a lot of detail and elements to look at, make sure your frame doesn’t take away from that. As a safe bet, stick to solid colors, nothing bold. Remember, we want to make one statement, not a whole soliloquy.