ALL IN THE DETAILS: What’s a Hex-Tie?

If you know me, you can definitely agree that my fashion sense is the farthest thing from being anywhere near formal or even business casual. It is just straight casual. I will admit that I have had to ask my mom for help when trying to decide what to wear to interviews. People always say better to be overdressed than under. I personally hope that I never have to wear a suit to an office a day in my life. To me a suit is a suit is a suit. There is nothing fun about a suit, until I saw this Fashionisto.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out and get noticed, wearing something that everyone else has but in a completely new way is the way to do it. This tie is made of matte black metal in the shape of hexagons to form a honeycomb pattern. I started seeing knit ties around and thought those were pretty cool, until I saw this. Not only is it innovative, but it is so unique! What’s even cooler is that the founder of the company is a friend of his!

Even I, who am not a fan of suits, can say that this guy looks pretty fly. He wears a custom-made stone blue suit by Ian Rios. Wearing the jacket open to show off the tie works for this look. It keeps the tone cool and relaxed.

He accessorizes the rest of this look with more black accents such as a pocket square and the most intimidating watch ever. This watch screams “I’m important and you should probably listen to me,” and I totally would considering how cool his tie is. Have I mentioned I love the tie?

Since it’s summer and the temperatures are certainly not coming down anytime soon, who actually wants to wear socks? This Fashionisto opted for these soft suede and leather slipper loafers. If I was a guy, I would totally copy this look. Maybe I’ll just have to find the female version of it.

How To: Wear a basic outfit such as a suit, T-shirt and jeans or a dress and then create the wow factor with a completely unique accessory that no one else has ever seen before. Prepare for some compliments and attention.