ALL IN THE DETAILS: What the Fringe!

If you open any fashion magazine right now or just search “2015 fall trends,” two of many items will consistently appear: suede and fringe. Why? Because fashion has returned to yet another decade: the funky, psychedelic ’70s. The 2015 edition is filled with modernized bell-bottoms and the denim jackets you see today. Our Fashionista is completely for the craze.

Paired with a simple graphic T-shirt is the “Fringe & Co.” skirt from Details Do Matter. This fringe and suede skirt not only combines two of the hottest trends of the season, but it is certainly also a game changer for any outfit. “The skirt is eye-catching and you can literally wear it to any occasion,” our Fashionista says. A simple top, such as this one from Forever 21, complements this outfit because the details of the skirt should be the main attraction.

One of my favorite parts of this outfit is the one of a kind clutch. This funky detail is actually a DIY creation our Fashionista put together to adhere to any budget. The transparency aspect is what makes it so unique because it doesn’t have a designated color or pattern. It is literally whatever you want it to be. “You can wear it with any type of outfit and color scheme. It is timeless and will always be in style no matter the current trends.”

How To: Still unsure how to rock this skirt? The basic top tip is very essential. Maybe you’re not feeling the heels? Our Fashionista suggests ditching them for Converse All-Stars (high-top or low-top) for a cooler, more casual look.