As my mother always says, no outfit is complete without a pair of good-looking shoes. The shoes, in a way, can make or break the look that is aspired to being achieved. What a relief it is that the sunny, warm days of June are finally here and your toes at last can breathe instead of being caved inside a pair of heavy boots! However, why should you stick to a pair of flat sandals when you can sport a pair of wedges instead? Wedges are the perfect combination between sandal and high heel, and they can be worn practically anywhere: to work, out with friends, you name it. There is a kind of serenity and sophistication about wedges that scream summer, which make them a great decision in figuring out how to complete the perfect summer outfit.

This Fashionista knows exactly how to add the finishing touches to her look with a set of flawless light brown wedges. The height gives the wedges the imitation of a heel, yet the wider wood platform makes it easier to get around without having to desperately look for something to hold onto before tripping and falling. The straps and gold buckles make for a polished and stylish completion. The wedges can be any shade of any color, a short wedge or a tall wedge, with straps or strapless and still manage to add that finishing touch that every Fashionista is craving for when creating an impeccable summer outfit.

A nautical-inspired blue and white striped dress, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, a simple necklace and a medium-sized brown leather tote are all paired with the wedges worn by this Fashionista. The short-sleeved dress complements the wedges with its fun and fashionable stripes. Ray-Ban sunglasses are a must for any sunny day, and its light brown color completely matches the wedges. The medium-sized tote that this Fashionista is holding is a must for carrying all of your travel-sized essentials: lotion, tissues, hair brush, you name it. All of these items are great for any warm, summer day.

How To: If you are planning to wear wedges but are not sure when they should be worn, a sunny day is the perfect place to start. Make sure to leave your legs bare so that the wedges are in full view, and keep your outfit simple so that the wedges have plenty of room to shine.