ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vests, Vests, and More Vests!

November 30th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vests, Vests, and More Vests!

It’s official, the fall season is in full swing and with that comes time to obsess over sweaters, boots and lots of vests! Did someone say vests?

Yes ladies (and gents), it is time to start digging inside of your closet and pull out some sweater vests. While sweater vests may not have been the most worn piece of clothing a few years back, the 2016 spring runways started declaring it to be the newest upcoming fashion trend. That’s right. The sweater vest is back with a reprisal.

Now, it does not come as a shock that this piece has made such a strong comeback. It’s practical, comfortable and incredibly versatile. This Fashionista matched her Ivory Ella vest with her chunky knit sweater from Forever 21 to add some warmth and dimension to the outfit. Vests are perfect for those days where the mornings are cold, but the afternoons are warm–making fall fashion a puzzle. Well, sweater vests are the answer to this fall’s constant climate change.

The sweater is perfect because it keeps you warm during those chilly days, yet it is light enough to not be sweating up a storm should the temperature make a complete 180 degree turn. The key to finding the perfect vest is finding one that is form-fitting yet has enough room to keep you free of bunching and bulging fabric. Once you have the perfect fit, the style is all yours! So what do you say, are you in for spicing up your wardrobe with the newest trend?