ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vested Interest

The weather is finally above freezing, and everyone in Ann Arbor is taking advantage of it. There are girls in sundresses and frat boys in their beloved pastel shorts finding joy in 40-degree warmth. However, for those of us still feeling the bite of winter, other style options are needed to keep us from shivering on our way to class. This adorable Fashionista found the perfect way to look cute and warm while shedding some layers with a soft faux vest.

The vest is perfect for adding warmth in place of the regular parka. The striped shirt underneath is great for some visual contrast while letting the vest be the statement piece. Because the rest of the outfit is somewhat neutral, the vest can have the biggest impact. This vest boasts two different fabrics, faux leather and shearling, to create an interesting top portion of the outfit. While this outfit has all the makings of warm winter wear, it manages to transition perfectly into a spring outfit.

How To: So a vest looks pretty cool, but you are not sure how to wear it. Well, start with the basics. Find a simple shirt, and pair it with a down vest or a denim vest. There are so many cool looks you can get with vests, and playing around with different fabrics is an easy way to find a style you like. If you wanted to be more adventurous, try wearing a fun patterned shirt underneath a faux fur vest.