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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Utility Upgrade

March 25th, 2016 at 2:06am

Whether it’s the monochromatic Kanye West or retro Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner, the rise of male style icons has seriously changed the way I look at fashion. Recently, there has been a surge of minimalism, a style moment that is truly raising the bar to a level we have never seen before. The realm of menswear has turned into a space where neat lines and minimalism have become the norm, challenging Fashionistos to create inventive ways of working this trend into their own personal style.

This Fashionisto was on his way to class when I first noticed his ultra-cool Topman bomber jacket. For me, the jacket was just scratching the surface of how well put together this look is. From the simplistic white button-up to the military-style boots, the outfit was a perfect representation of the utility trend that has been all over the runways. The trend is about basic layering while keeping a durable color palette, and that’s exactly what he did. By bringing in the crisp white shirt against the golden tone of his jacket, it creates a very strong look.

The accessories included the military-type leather boots, which create an almost uniform feeling. He pegged his basic jeans to let the boots speak for themselves, and made the outfit stand out against the crowd. On his wrist he wore a very masculine watch, bringing in a different material in order to really emphasize the clear-cut intention of his look. Also in regard to the incorporation of different materials, he carried a canvas backpack with leather and metal details. In a unique green tone, the backpack ties the entire look together with almost no effort. It adds the perfect touch of a different color, while still upholding the objective of the outfit.

I love that he was able to put the green backpack with the golden tone of the jacket and still make it work, because even though the two colors may not always be great together, the purpose is to connect them through the utility trend and by keeping it all very simple. He did this seamlessly, and this outfit is definitely a great example for anyone who wants to give the rising utility trend a try.

How To: This trend is all about lines. The aim is to have very defined shapes and colors, while mixing materials and styles. To achieve this “I totally just threw this together, but this is actually the dopest outfit” look, start basic. Go with a neutral pair of jeans or pants, a solid button-up shirt, and a stand-out jacket. From there, experiment with accessories. Metal, leather or canvas accessories are crucial to the trend, and will up your cool factor instantly.