A new year means a time for a new gym memberships and healthy eating. It’s a time to bring out all of the new clothes acquired over the holidays and to really show what you’ve got. It’s also when we start to get tired of winter. While we dream of crop tops and sandals, we have to layer up to keep warm against the wind chill and constant rain.

This Fashionista incorporated her favorite tunic and made it appropriate for the weather by pairing it with a pair of jeans and booties. A tunic is the perfect staple to any closet, as they are appropriate for any season. By simply changing what you pair with your tunic, you can change your look so much that most people won’t even recognize you’re wearing the same item!

By adding her favorite rings, she added a personal touch to the outfit that makes the ensemble complete. They add some fun to an otherwise universal outfit. Perfect for the movies, class or even a date, this outfit can blend itself to any situation! Adding fun rings like these can take a classic outfit and revamp it, while this tunic can be a simple addition to any closet. Add some great booties and you’ve got a great outfit.

How To: Tunics are a great way to add some personality to a simple outfit. Grab your favorite one, pair it with some great jeans and booties and you’ve got this look. Want to change it up a bit? Instead of jeans, slip on some tights and you’ve got a great concert look!