May 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

What’s the best way to make a statement? A bold print, of course. Spring is the best time to play with prints because you can wear anything from bright florals to bold geometrics. Spring is a transition time from winter to summer, so there really is no restriction to what you can do.

The Fashionista featured here decided to go with a striking tribal print kimono. This geometric pattern is designed in colors of white, black, baby blue and orange. The color combination seems strange, but it works out well in this pattern. Also, the pattern is spread out over the garment so that it looks flattering on her figure. The pattern looked extremely striking on her and made myself reconsider the value of a good tribal print.

Other details I liked about this outfit were the fringe, her sandals and the Michael Kors tote bag. The fringe along the bottom of her kimono added a touch of boho to her outfit. I personally liked this aspect because it added some more fun vibes to an already captivating garment. Plus, the fringe brushed in the wind nicely when she walked. She paired her black dress and kimono and with a pair of gold embellished sandals. The sandals coupled perfectly with her kimono because they grabbed your attention without being overbearing. A loud shoe would have been too much with her already bold kimono. Lastly, her tote bag was a practical piece that still looked cohesive with the outfit. Most say that you should not mix black and navy, but this bag looked perfect against the kimono because it was neutral and fun. A black bag would have been the expected choice, so I was happy to see that she went with another choice that worked so well.

How To: For an outfit similar to hers, pick a vibrant print, and pair it with simple pieces to let the pattern do the talking. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate non-traditional color schemes—that’s when styling becomes fun!