ALL IN THE DETAILS: Transitioning to Fall

November 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

As many of you East Coast Fashionistas know, around the break out of autumn temperatures, it is impossible to tell what the weather will be like until you wake up each morning. Originally being from Pennsylvania and now living in Ohio, I run into this frequent problem of never knowing what to wear because the weather will change so suddenly.

Lucky for us, I spotted a Fashionista who balanced her outfit perfectly to fit the quick changing temperatures throughout the day. With certain details and bold elements in her look, she put together the perfect transition look from summer to fall weather.

This Fashionista rocks all black with a pop of color in her light purple sweater. Adding in a light, summer color with all black helps transition from summer colors into the fall color palette. The back of her sweater also has a lace-up tie, giving her back a little room to breathe if the temperature decides to warm up suddenly (which happens more than you would think throughout the day).

She decided to wear a few different trends on the bottom half of her look. Sporting black tights, a black skater skirt and black shorts with lace detail underneath, this Fashionista incorporated multiple different trends and details into one look. This element of detail helps transition into the fall season as well. The look still has a fun feel of summer with the skirt and short combo but also pulls in fall style by adding tights.

Completing her look, this Fashionista added tall black boots with a bold silver buckle around the ankle and off-white crystal earrings. These two elements of shine add just enough detail to the look without making it look dressed up. The look still gives a casual summer feel as well as a sophisticated autumn vibe, getting her ready to transition entirely into fall fashion.

How To: Find a light weight long sleeve top or sweater and pair it with a skirt and boots. Try to add a bright color somewhere into the look, but also a darker element to balance out the trends of two different season within one outfit.