ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Turquoise

Summer is all about bright, eye-catching colors and accessories. Still, not everyone is comfortable wearing these attention-grabbing outfits, so a great alternative to this is wearing earth-toned jewelry. One of my personal favorites is turquoise. Although turquoise is a bright bluish tone, it still looks pretty rustic and this makes it a great option for anyone looking to ease his or her way into vibrant summer colors.

This Fashionista incorporates neutrals colors into her look with a white top and dark denim jeans, but the turquoise bracelets she has stacked together add an unexpected pop of color. The cheerful color of her bracelets instantly and effortlessly brightens her entire look. This Fashionista has also limited her turquoise accessories to her wrists, using more rustic and muted gold tone pieces. If she had added more turquoise, maybe a necklace or matching earrings, the jewels could have given her look a more “crowded” feel, and not the laid-back, effortless vibe she pulled off. Although it is hard to go wrong with turquoise pieces, always remember that less is more.

While you never want to wear too much turquoise that does not mean you can’t mix other kinds of jewelry with your look. This Fashionista’s choice of a muted, gold necklace prevents her look from being too bare or too overpowering. It creates a balanced look for the outfit, which says, “Looking this great just comes naturally!”

One of the great things about turquoise is it can be paired with neutral colors, bright colors and etc. Personally, I prefer seeing turquoise with neutral shades over bright ones, but this Fashionista’s neon pink nails have convinced me pairing the stone with sunny colors can make a great match, especially for summer.

How To: If you aren’t ready to hop right into bright colors, try pairing a chunky turquoise necklace with a white dress. Little by little you can add prints to your look and play with your nail polish until eventually you feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone and rocking turquoise with any color of the rainbow!