ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Distressed

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Distressed

With fashion today, we tend to pay close attention to every little detail someone’s outfit has to offer. A current trend that I’m a big fan of is the distressed/grunge look. These looks are often very simple, yet look totally high fashion! It mixes comfort and style to create the perfect look for just about any occasion you may take on. I see this trend being popular in guys and girls, which makes it even better. There really are no boundaries when it comes to this style in particular.

This Fashionisto is owning the distressed street style fashion trend! His style caught my eye because his look was highly fashionable yet laid-back and relaxed looking. He nailed the distressed look by keeping it classy with that perfect twist of added grunge. This look could be worn out for a small coffee date, shopping, dinner, etc. The list goes on and on when it comes to this style, that’s why it’s one of my favorites, simply because it’s versatile and trendy.

This outfit included a ton of small details that made it complete. This Fashionisto’s shirt was simple with a few holes in it to make it a trendy piece. He stuck with a classic khaki pant that had a distressed knee. Pairing all this with a knit cardigan to keep this look classy. To complete the look, he wore a simple pair of Nikes that go right along with the rest of his outfit.

If this look is your style, feel free to get inspired by this Fashionisto’s trendy look! There are many ways to rock the distressed style and make it your own. A simple pair of jeans with a few holes in them is always a must with this look. Pair those jeans with your favorite T-shirt and some comfortable shoes, and get ready to make a fashion statement while feeling comfortable doing it!

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