ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tones That Turn Heads

September 15th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tones That Turn Heads

It’s the first few weeks of classes and you’re finally settling into your routine of—get ready, class, nap, class, eat, sleep, repeat. On the downside of it being the first few weeks of class, it’s still super hot outside and I know we’re all patiently waiting for sweater season. So what do you do when it’s 85 degrees outside, but the second you step into your classroom you feel like you’ve walked into an arctic tundra? You mix seasons, you mix tones and you mix up your style.

Spotting this Fashionista down the street grabbing a quick Sip-N-Glo juice, I caught up and talked to her about her outfit. This type of look is called monochromatic styling. Monochromatic outfits could be described as taking a color and mixing pieces that have the same color, just different tones. I really like the bold statement she took, as this is the first of monochrome outfits that I’ve seen with purple hues. This toning look is very in right now and we can see why. The outfit has a look that has just recently been popping up on the streets, and it’s cool to see the different variations each Fashionista/o takes to their wardrobe.

For this Fashionista’s outfit, she mixed a light lavender colored dress with a cream striped scarf. Adding a pop of dark taupe in her socks, she tied the look together with her light purple shoes and purple sunglasses. She went simple with her jewelry, adding a thin double-string choker. The mix in hues is something that makes this look very simple, but very fashion-forward at the same time. Not to mention, it’s perfect for class! You have the comfort of a T-shirt dress and the cute stylish look you’re going for. And for the socks, it’s easy to roll them down or pull them up depending on the temperature situation in your classroom.

Recreating this look is something that you could do with clothes that are already in your closet! I can guarantee you can look and find similar colored shirt/pant combos, so put them together and hit the road. Time is ticking, and you’ve got to get to class!