ALL IN THE DETAILS: Throw on Some Red

September 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Remember when you planned your perfect back to school outfit a week before school even started? Yet, a month later, you’re wishing for an extra five minutes (or even ten minutes) of sleep as you’re scrambling to go through your morning routine. And then you’re faced with your worst fear: You don’t like any of the 10 outfits that you’ve tried on!

When you find yourself in that kind of situation, you can try pairing something simple with a more striking item. Anything from accessories to a splashy color can make your look pop. This Fashionista does it perfectly by adding red to her outfit.

She definitely caught my eye strutting on campus with the bright colors. She is wearing a matching black crop top with black Capri bottoms. Although they are simple and have an overall casual and somewhat sporty look, the white stripes and the geometric texture make it very stylish.

But wait, her ensemble is not complete without her red flannel shirt, which she wears opened. For accessories, she opted for a lacey black choker and a watch with a red band. She tops off her outfit with some bright red kicks. The hint of white in her shoes complements the white stripes in her black apparel very well. Not to mention, she is also sporting a red lip color.

Note that this Fashionista’s whole outfit only includes three colors: red, white and black. The pop of color allows her to stand out while looking effortlessly chic. So next time you’re having trouble putting together the perfect outfit, consider adding a splash of color or some bold accessories.


  • Melody Chan

    Film-screenwriting major and journalism minor at Brooklyn College. Picking up a pen is easy but for the words to find their way into a reader's heart is hard.