ALL IN THE DETAILS: Thou Shalt Love Accessories

October 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Some days you’re in a hurry and you just don’t have time to create an entirely new and stylish outfit. That’s okay, though, because accessories can completely solve that problem. When life becomes overwhelming and you need to look fashionable in a hurry, you can always throw on a classic outfit and style it with interesting accessories.

This Fashionista takes a classically preppy style and makes it edgy by adding different accessories. A collared shirt under a sweater creates an ere of professionalism, but the denim fabric makes the look perfect for everyday wear.  Her simple black Hunter booties are a simple necessity. Everyone needs a good pair of black booties in their closet this season because they are perfect for almost any occasion.

What really makes this Fashionista stand out is her meaningful jewelry. She explained to me that every piece of jewelry she wears means something, and that is really on-trend right now. Many pieces from the giving keys to Alex and Ani, to the ever-so popular lokai bracelets have special meanings behind them. It has become fashionable to wear jewelry that has a deeper meaning. This Fashionista told me that her sister bought the “Fearless” giving key for her as a going away present for college, and she plans on passing the key along to someone else once she feels she has lived fearlessly. Accessories become so much more beautiful when they have a story behind them.

This Fashionista took a simple look and made it much more interesting. She really expressed herself through her accessories, and it’s amazing that every piece of jewelry has a meaning that is near and dear to her. I love that this Fashionista is as thoughtful as she is stylish.

How To: Are you constantly running late for class? If you’re the one who is always pressing snooze on your alarm it’s time to learn how to accessorize. Take your favorite go-to outfit and add some bold accessories for a brand new look.