ALL IN THE DETAILS: This is Fur Real

ALL IN THE DETAILS: This is Fur Real

The streets of Los Angeles have begun to look a little fuzzy, and I’m definitely not complaining about it. It’s kind of impossible to not look cool in a fur coat, just like this Fashionista. Whether it’s real, faux, colored, or patterned, there’s pretty much an option for everyone to incorporate into their wardrobe. Not only has this furry trend taken over outerwear, but you can also find it on pretty much any accessory your stylish heart desires—shoes, keychains, gloves, wallets, phone cases, and even wine bags (your welcome).

If you’re as skeptical as I was to the fur trend, I would encourage you to visit the PETA website for the best faux fur companies to purchase from. Over the years, companies have found several ways to manufacture faux fur products that not only feel like the real thing but are also significantly more sustainable than those in the past (about time, right?) If you’re into the real stuff, you’re in luck, too! American and European governments have increased restrictions so that the fur industry is more transparent than ever before. This way, you know where your fur is coming from and how it was processed. Now everyone can enjoy the fun!

There’s just something about wrapping myself in faux fur that gives me a feeling a lot like applying red lipstick—poised and empowered. These are the kind of items that never hang regretful in your closet. Treat yourself and make the investment; you deserve it.

Stay warm out there, fur babes.