ALL IN THE DETAILS: These Boots Are Making For Walkin'

As soon summer arrives, I began to ditch jeans for short and boots for sandals. Summer here in Riverside can be intense, and I mean intense! The highest I ever saw it reach was 102 degrees, and sadly, for those who are going to summer school in Riverside, we feel your pain. With just one more month to go, most of us are hating and loving the heat. We’re loving it because obviously it is one step closer to summer vacation. On the other hand, we’re hating it because obviously the ridiculous amount sun exposure and sweating.

For summer fashion, there isn’t much you can play around with. When you think of summer fashion you think of wearing a tank top and sandals. While sandals are essentially my go-to shoes, I have found that boots have been more comforting to wear these few hot days in Riverside. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s been dusty and windy lately and whenever I get home from class, my feet are all gross. They’re dirty and sticky from all the residue, and I’m sure some of us have experienced this situation. So, lately I’ve been going back to boots and I’m already loving it! Boots will be that one accessory that is exempt from being limited to only one season. They work for every season!

This adorable Fashionista was walking with a friend to class and had on these cute brown ankle boots. What caught my eyes was not her boots, but rather how immaculately she assembled her outfit. She definitely had a certain style just by looking at her outfit. The outfit screams fun and flirty, yet approachable (if that’s even a good way to describe it). Of course, the main point of her look was the ankle boots. Ankle boots are my favorite boots out of the others. It’s perfect for any season, including this one. The dress is perfect in length; it’s not too short, yet not too long. By pairing the ankle boots with the dress it makes the look edgier. Lastly,to frame her face and protected her eyes, she wears a cute yellow-greenish hue of sunglasses to match the whole attire.

How To: This Fashionista’s outfit can be easily put together. This outfit is perfect for any occasion, such as family dinner, club meetings or even just going to school. Find the perfect denim jacket that fits your body and height. Then find a dress or mini skirt that accentuate your curves. Try adding a cute a necklace or bracelets to add some flavor to your outfit!