From the Kardashian-Jenner clan to upbeat girls heading to Jamba Juice after spin class, there is no escaping the “tie around” at the hip trend. It seems to be a trademark of the L.A. grunge scene, the hip-hop culture everywhere across the globe and any mountainous rock climbing event, as well. Needless to say, this trend is far from disposable.

This ’90s trend just so happens to be one of the most practical ways to instantly achieve that rugged or relaxed feel to any figure-hugging look. Just got off work and heading to the mall? Layer on a light button-down to break up that pencil skirt. Planning on ditching a formal event early and hitting the nearest diner? Tie a rugged flannel over a sophisticated bodycon dress!

It is definitely great for spicing up a very basic outfit, adding that “casual-cool” to any ensemble with a sharp and refined vibe. If you ask me, it is instant “tough girl” swagger.

This Fashionista is totally rocking this bad girl-chic with her dark aviators, ankle-strap pointed toe pumps and pine green plaid shirt wrapped over her black high-waisted jeans!

How To: Find yourself an oversized long-sleeve button-up shirt, and tie it around your hips! It adds great volume to the backside, which is a plus to sporting this fun style. Also, do not feel limited to plaid or flannel. You could opt for a denim/chambray, gingham or subtle floral shirt to layer on! Just keep it light, soft and free-flowing. The added movement of the draping will work in your favor!