ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Taming of the Blue

While walking around campus, I’ll happen to see a pop of color in a place I’m not used to: hair. The range of hair color can sometimes be just a few streaks, and other times it can be a full primary color of hair. The culmination of personal expression in hair is one of the best ways a Fashionista/o can exude personal style in addition to their wardrobe. With the coming of summer, fun colored hair is always one way to show personal expression that is unique as well as set the stage for the rest of one’s own style.

This Fashionista rocked the blue colored hair in a number of ways. By allowing her inspiration to come from her hair, the rest of her look followed in an edgy, yet vintage way. From her silver chain earrings down to her black boots, the look continued to personify the style of her hair. Additionally, the navy vintage sweater was the perfect touch. Not only did it echo the style of her hair, but it was not overpowering and blended well with the entire look. All in all, the style begins with the bold hair color, and every other piece of the look follows to complement the edgy look. There are many ways to express personal style, but incorporating beauty elements can bring any daily look to another level like this Fashionista did.

How To: Looking for a daring way to spice up your wardrobe through a beauty trend? Opt for a temporary colored hair look to complement your personal style, whether it be jet black, pastel pink or maybe silver gray.