ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Shoes Are Back

April 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

When we were kids, we would have never thought that the shoes we wore on a daily basis would ever come back to style. We were wrong. It is now 2016 and adidas are back in style. I wore these as a child, why would I ever wear them now? Walking around campus, one will probably see at least four pairs of adidas on their walk to class. But what’s so special about them? Why are they coming back now?

Adidas are clean and classy, not to mention comfortable. They go with pretty much everything and can tackle any type of look you’re going for. They are so popular now that they’re sold out pretty much everywhere you look. Adidas could be worn casually with flowy shorts or leggings, or you can wear them with a little bit of a nicer outfit.

This Fashionista decided to pair her adidas Superstar shoes with a cute, yet casual romper and denim shirt. She wore neutral colors in order to make her whole outfit come together. She went for a more relaxed look while still looking nice. With this outfit, she also wore Illesteva sunglasses and rings to accessorize. The sunglasses and rings tie the outfit together to make it an everyday look that she can walk around campus in.

How To: Want to go old school and wear adidas again? Pair them with a cute romper or flowy shorts and a cute shirt for a more casual look, or a T-shirt dress and a long necklace for a dressed up style choice.