ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Power of the Sneaker

This past winter break I went back to my hometown Milan, Italy. While I was over there, something people were wearing caught my attention. In fact, due to the not-so-cold weather, everyone was wearing sneakers instead of winter boots! Rarely had I seen sneakers used as a fashion statement in Milan. Since it is one of the fashion capitals of the world, chic heels are usually dominating the shoe game.

Now that Chicago is also finally experiencing nicer weather, I am noticing that even here, many people are ditching winter boots in favor of stylish sneakers! From adidas Superstars—very trendy at the moment and everywhere on Instagram—to Jordans, Yeezys and Nikes, people are going crazy for shoes that can really characterize your outfits, by making them fashionable, all while you walk around the city in all comfort.

Among the people who have adopted the sneakers trend, I spotted this Fashionista right away. I loved the way she built her casual and effortless look starting from her kicks. The shoes are the central piece of the outfit, and they take over the scene because they are paired with distressed jeans and a neutral graphic T-shirt with a floral detail.

How To: If you are trying to imitate this look, pair some trendy sneakers with boyfriend jeans—you can roll them up if you want to add drama—and a neutral graphic shirt. Otherwise, a solid color sweater works too. Bonus points if you also wear a leather jacket: it works surprisingly well with gym shoes!