ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Medium Wash Denim Blues

April 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we linger in that awkward phase between spring and summer, one thing stands true: ‘tis the season for light denim. Kiss your dark wash jeans goodbye and tell your white denim that you’ll see it soon, but in the meantime say hello to this season’s favorite piece: the medium wash denim jacket.

I have yet to come across a more perfectly suitable jean jacket than this week’s Fashionista’s: equipped with camel brown detailing and rough side pockets, this piece easily gives off an effortlessly chic vibe. For added chill, our Fashionista leaves the front of the jacket unbuttoned, flares her collar just so that she looks ever so edgy, and unbuttons the buttons on her sleeves to create a more relaxed fit. To juxtapose the rather rigid structure of the jacket, our Fashionista pairs the piece with an easygoing white cotton T-shirt and a beautifully flowy, navy and white tie-dye maxi skirt. The slit up the left side of the skirt creates the perfectly feminine contrast against the rebel-esque denim piece, and the flirt factor is even furthered when she pairs the ensemble with a delicate pair of braided brown sandals.

To bring out that beautifully subtle denim blue, our Fashionista knows that a few small touches can go a long way. Specifically, she wears a fun blue nail polish on her toenails and sports a fun geometric pattern equipped with blue shapes on her fingernails. Additionally, to pick up the camel and copper hues in the detailing of the jacket, she adorns herself with an elegant gold locket. Finally, she pulls her hair back into a high bun to wrap the look up in a sophisticated way.

How To: Just got a new spring dress but it’s still too chilly to wear out alone? Have no fear—the medium wash denim jacket is your answer. Have fun playing around with your frilliest spring dresses and counteracting them with a fun, slightly edgy piece like this one and you’ll be in tip-top fashion shape.