ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Little Things Mean The Most

Do you ever wake up one morning and think about what you want to wear, and all that comes to mind is looking 10 times more fabulous than you normally do? I mean, bringing out all the stops. Maybe it happens when you have a particularly stressful day and you need something to brighten your mood. Or, maybe it’s just who you are; that girl who walks around campus like she owns the place because in her own mind, she kind of does, plus she’s of the mindset that she has reality show cameras following her everywhere she goes. That kind of look is all about attitude; you need to be able to keep your head held high and your hair in perfect place. So, if that’s what you’re trying to recreate, look no further! This Fashionista brings together a look that is both chic and bold, thanks to some killer accessories surrounding the monochromatic outfit.

Let’s start from the top; every Fashionista needs a pair of huge sunglasses for days when they’re not interested in making eye contact while walking to class. Am I wearing a full face of makeup under here? Or do I just have red and puffy eyes from lack of sleep? You’ll never truly know.

This Fashionista kept the biggest pieces of her outfit very simple, black jeans, a black turtleneck and brown boots. The one standout piece is a brown fur vest. This one is perfect for school days, since it’s not too big, but is still about to make a statement.

Where this outfit really comes together is with the accessories. The classic Hermès belt ties any outfit together. The gold buckle pairs perfectly with the hardware on her small cross-body bag, as well as simple, minimal jewelry.

So, while nothing that is shown in this look is way out there or particularly trendy, it’s the understated class and glamour that makes the look what it is. It shows us that we don’t always have to go with the current trend for our outfit to be eye-catching. Sometimes, it’s just the opposite. Stick to what you know works for you, and you’ll never go out of style.

How To: Recreate this look by pairing your favorite dark jeans with a simple black top, a vest and throw on your most special accessories. Whatever you’ve got, whether it’s a bracelet you simply love, or something that has some sentimental meaning. Whatever it is, pairing golds or silvers with an all-black (or brown) look really makes the pieces pop.