ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Little Things

As I get older I realize that it is the little things in life that count. Although this philosophy pertains to everyday life, we can also relate it to style. Even the smallest detail can take your outfit from drab to runway ready. This fall is all about the little things we can add to a look to make it stand out amongst the crowd of plain sweaters and monochromatic vests. Just because fall comes with darker tones doesn’t mean we can’t experiment to add a little pizzazz.

This Fashionista had that exact pizzazz I was searching for. She was wearing this season’s trend of a long vest paired with some black skinny jeans and booties. What caught my eye was her burgundy bag and gorgeous black earrings. To begin with, this look would be considered simple. However, the additional accessories she utilized put the outfit on a whole new level of fabulous.

Instead of carrying a backpack around campus she decided on this satchel to hold her books. The burgundy color is perfect for the fall season and definitely adds a classic flair to the look. This bag was great for her because it directly correlated with her style and is considered a staple piece in her wardrobe. As we know, everyone has a unique sense of expression and may prefer a different bag like a tote or even a stylish backpack.

With the absence of a necklace, she went with simple black dangly earrings to attract the eye. You don’t want to be wearing too much jewelry, so either go with a statement necklace or statement earrings, never both.

This Fashionista knows the importance of all those little things. Go the extra mile and add some accessories to finish your look. Whether it is your favorite purse or your grandma’s vintage ring don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle.

How To: Want to demonstrate your unique style on the daily? Instead of a backpack, stray from the status quo and pick a bag that suits you. People on campus will be sure to notice your distinctive accessory.