ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Indefinite Continued Progress of Existence

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Indefinite Continued Progress of Existence

I was walking alone one day, scared and lonely, with no phone or watch to distract me from my mission of finding the perfect subject. In that moment, the concept of time was becoming distorted in my mind. Seconds felt like years and hours felt like centuries. I needed relief and I needed it now. I spotted him. We crossed paths. I asked for the time. Then time stopped.

I gaped at his watch and for an instant, the world seemed to revolve around those neon blue hands. The time was 5:16 p.m.. I had entered the fourth dimension. This was a GA100C-8A G-Shock watch, part of one of the company’s most popular large case analog/digital collections. With shock resistance, an LED light and digital display, this watch does so much more than just tell time. It’s a shield, a flashlight and a calendar, all jam-packed into a compact 70 gram timepiece. Pairing this work of art with a simple white patterned pocket T-shirt and black jeans makes one’s eyes dart directly to the main attraction.

He was also wearing a pair of Nike Roshe One Hyperfuse sneakers, and although not as stunning as his wristwear, his footwear was still stupefying. Nike’s signature Hyperfuse construction bonds a trio of materials together for a seamless upper that provides sturdiness and breathability during the harsh summer climate. Synthetic materials, mesh and thermoplastic polyurethane are melted together in a strategic manner, allowing air to flow in the high-heat midfoot zones. A hint of venom green adds a hint of flare to the anthracite body, and the nonchalant manner in which the strings are tied suggests a rebellious nature to the individual.

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