ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Essential Camel Overcoat

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Essential Camel Overcoat

Let’s admit, as the course load piles up and the dreaded but impending second semester slump raids, we are all urged to wear sweats. Although it may be adequate to wear sweats occasionally, it really catches my eye when I see a young man with upscale style.

One of the biggest trends of the past few seasons has been the camel-colored overcoat, whether it be worn casually or formally, overcoats are in style and are certainly here to stay. The classic camel overcoat is essential for any gentleman, as it is one of the most versatile styles and colors you could own in your wardrobe collection. It surprisingly coordinates well with a variety of colors and textures to elevate a look for class or a day out for a more fashion-forward appearance. Investing in a camel overcoat will allow you access to a wide range of timeless style combinations for both formal and informal occasions.

This Fashionisto creates a classic ensemble; integrating a pair of black denim jeans and a basic, white sweater along with a contrasting red scarf can make for a simple outfit that’ll suit many for a casual aesthetic. To add some detail to his outfit, he incorporated a timeless silver watch to elevate the look. Throw your overcoat on top of the effortless yet sophisticated getup for the perfect finish—mission accomplished!

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, the camel overcoat is a great versatile color that can work with almost all colors in your wardrobe. With a classic shape, you’ll struggle to find an outfit that doesn’t go well with!