ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Cloche Hat Society

Let’s face it—out of all of the fashion risks I have somehow managed to pull off in my lifetime, there is one accessory that never makes the cut. I try to wear a floppy beach hat in the summer: too big. Throwing on a baseball cap to head to the gym never seems to work either, because it’s too small. No doubt I got this unfortunate trait from my dad who cannot pull off a beanie without people thinking he’s going to rob a bank. Whatever the reason, hats are just not my thing. That’s why when I spotted this Fashionista I knew I had to learn her secret—right after I snap some pictures, of course!

This unique accessory is called a cloche hat. Very popular in the ’20s and ’30s, cloche hats scream vintage. The bell-shaped head piece includes a simple black ribbon resembling a rosette. This acute detail adds to the soft aesthetic that’s already encompassing the hat through its dome-like shape. The camel color of the hat not only complements this Fashionista’s dark brown hair, but its shade is so neutral that the outfit possibilities are limitless. This Fashionista chose to stay warm with a rich red jacket and scarf. The richness in this color balances with the smooth tan in this timeless accessory. Are images of party-goers from The Great Gatsby starting to pop into your mind?

I had never met anyone before this Fashionista that could incorporate vintage into every single part of her outfit as naturally as she does. Her jewelry includes antique silver rings that are enhanced with classic earrings. Fun fact: this Fashionista shared with me that she made her earrings from old buttons! Now if that is not vintage enough for you, I don’t know what is. Another accessory that cannot be forgotten is this Fashionista’s purse. The color of the bag matches perfectly with the camel shade of her hat, contributing that uniformity throughout the ensemble. Intricate cutouts add a complexity to the purse that balances with the simplicity of the cloche. The black from the hat is also seen in her choice of leggings, quilted boots and lace-trim tank top.

How To: In order to wear your cloche hat for almost any occasion, you can change it up by wrapping different colored scarves around it. Match the scarf color with a lip shade, slip on a spoon ring and you’re practically ready to dance the night away at Jay Gatsby’s. I’ll see you there!